Gwyllgi: The Big Welsh Bastard Dog

Su’mae, my dudes. As you may be aware, the mythology of Britain is littered with monstrous black dogs. From Black Shuck to Padfoot (no, not the one from Harry Potter – read another book, will you?), these fearsome hellhounds have been spotted prowling all across the United Kingdom. Scotland, Yorkshire, Devon, Lancashire, East Anglia and many other places all have their own twist on the old black dog legend, with many similarities uniting the reported encounters.


Huge, wraith-like and utterly terrifying, black dogs roam the countryside in search of unlucky travellers to devour, before slinking away back into the darkness that spawned them. One such example is the dreaded Gwyllgi, which (as you can probably guess by the name) is the version of the creature found over in the lush, leafy valleys of Wales.

Please stop for a moment to enjoy the beautiful Welsh countryside. Aaahhh… Ok, let’s move on.

The Welsh name “Gwyllgi” roughly translates to “Twilight Dog”, which is a pretty apt description. Like most giant killer ghost dogs, Gwyllgi takes the form of an enormous mastiff with flaming red eyes and deathly breath. Recorded accounts of this particular monster date back to the 19th century, and they all paint a picture of a doggie that is definitely not a very good boy. You’ll certainly need something more substantial than a rolled-up newspaper to ward him off. I’d probably suggest a Supersoaker filled with holy water, or perhaps some kind of heavy construction vehicle.

Contrary to popular belief, dogs are in fact no match for CATs.

Anyway, Gwyllgi is known to haunt lonely, desolate spots like fields and long stretches of country road, and you won’t even see him coming before its too late. It’s said he stalks his prey with supernatural stealth, drawing ever closer until he lets his presence be known with a hideous howl of eldritch madness. The second you turn around to look, you’re screwed. You’ll be paralysed by Gwyllgi’s burning eyes, and make for easy pickings as his great jaws lunge in…


Yeesh. Better hope you don’t run into this petrifying pooch. He’s a bit hard to avoid, however, as he’s been reported all over Wales in the last two-hundred years or so; Wrexham, Anglesey, Cot Moor Field, Laugharne, Mousiad, Llandegla… I have no idea what I’m saying, but apparently these are all places that Gwyllgi has turned up in.

Let’s just be thankful he’s never been spotted in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

Even worse, you don’t even have to have done anything for him to get you. While many folktales are based around some moral or warning, Gwyllgi seems to attack people indiscriminately. That means you could spend your entire life volunteering with daft kids and helping cats cross the road (or whatever nice people do), and still end up getting eaten by a big mean dog if you stray into the wrong part of Wales on the wrong night. That’s life for you, eh?

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